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Calligraphy Services For Weddings

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Why Use Calligraphy Service

Calligraphy Pricing

How Does It Work?

Why use our calligraphy service?


We know you want your event signs to look like they are taken straight from a wedding magazine shoot but without the cost. We also know that sign writing is not easy to get it looking professional.

I’m sure we are not alone when we say it is a pet  peeve of ours to see a badly written sign or poster at a wedding or event. Handwritten signs are an inexpensive way to get your personalised message across to your guests. Yet they need to look professional, be impactful, clear to read and in keeping with your theme, to do that they need to be planned out carefully and written with a professional hand. 


Give us your place cards, mirrors, chalkboards or directional signs and we will professionally and neatly write your chosen message for a minimal charge. Let your signs do the talking!

You have dozens of place cards that you would prefer hand written not printed.

You are hosting a DIY wedding and need direction signs and message boards written. 

You already have blank chalkboards, mirrors, welcome poster boards, seating plans but no neat hand writing skills. 

Calligraphy pricing


Place cards you have provided - £0.50 each

Signs, message boards, table numbers and chalkboards of A4 size and smaller - £2 each

Signs, posters, message boards, instruction posters, welcome boards bigger than A4 - £5 each

Table plans - from £15

How Does It Work?


  1. Deliver your items to La Vie Boheme HQ in Aldershot, Hampshire no less than 7 days before your event. 

  2. Give us precise written instructions of what you would like written on each item, please check your spelling, grammar and which way arrows should point (if applicable)

  3. For place cards, just give us the list of names (just first or first and last name) with the correct spelling.

  4. Collect your items before your event and rest easy knowing all you have to do is put them in place. 

  5. Amendments and corrections will still incur a charge. 

Ready to get your message across professionally? Get in touch with us below. 

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