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Telephone Box Audio Guest Book

Why an audio guest book?

Although we are big fans of the written word, here at La Vie Boheme, we know wedding guests say it best when they can speak, exclaim and even sing their good wishes to the happy couple.

With that in mind, we gleefully present our vintage telephone audio guest book, new for 2024.

Not just a method of communication but a sensory experience for all. And then the best bit - listening to all the fun messages from your guests after the wedding. Messages that you can then cherish forever.  

We think it is a fantastically contemporary take on a classic concept. 

How does it work?

Guests enter the vintage telephone box, signage within the telephone box provides instructions on how to leave a message.

They pick up the receiver to hear a pre-recorded message from the couple.

After the beep, guests leave their message or song and then hang up to ensure the message was recorded.

You receive all your recordings on a USB that is sent to you after your event.

What is included in the package?

  • Delivery and collection of the telephone box and accessories.

  • The vintage telephone box, fully erected by us.

  • The vintage telephone audio guest book.

  • Ivy trails & fairy lights.

  • Internal printed instructions on how to leave a message.

  • An external A-frame chalkboard inviting guests to come and leave a message for you.

  • A USB of all your messages sent to you after your event.

Good to know!

  • The telephone box will need to be erected within 2 metres of a mains power point if you wish to illuminate the telephone sign and have power for other internal lighting or devices. 

  • The telephone box is currently for internal use only.

  • Dimensions: H 260cm, W 100cm, D 100cm. Please check with your chosen venue that it will fit. 

  • No WIFI or phone connection is needed for the telephone.

  • The telephone can hold thousands of messages. 

  • There is no limit to how long the pre-recorded message is nor a limit on how long the guest messages are.

  • The telephone is ready to use upon arrival (just turn it on at the base)

  • The battery will last for 72 hours of constant use, or 240 hours standby, it can also remain plugged into the USB power supply in the telephone box.

How much is the Telephone Box Audio Guest Book package?

The package is £575 and includes everything mentioned above.

It also includes all delivery and collection costs within 50 miles of  our base in Aldershot, Hampshire. 

Please note: delivery charge will apply for distances outside of the 50 mile radius. Please ask us, and we can give you an accurate quote.

View our map to see if your chosen venue qualifies for our free delivery and collection...  DELIVERY MAP 

DEPOSIT - A deposit of £100 is required to secure your booking. The remaining balance is then paid in two installments - the first, four months prior to the date of hire. The second, no later than 30 days prior to the date of hire.

DAMAGE DEPOSIT - A returnable deposit of £250 is required one week prior to your event, the amount will be refunded to you within 48 hours of the safe return of all hired goods. 

How to book the Telephone Box Audio Guest Book

Get in touch with us via our contact page, or use the button below. Tell us the date of your wedding and the venue location and we will do the rest. The telephone box and audio guest book is only secured for your event once your deposit has been received. 

Special features

Our vintage telephone box has been designed and handmade by us. It is completely unique. We have designed it for versatility so that it would not look out of place at events styled in a Victorian era, roaring 20’s, WWII, rockabilly, swinging 60’s through to modern day. 

Did you know?

The first ever telephone box, named the Kiosk No. 1 or K1 arrived on the streets of Great Britain in 1921 and was cream in colour. The iconic red telephone box, or K6, that we know and love today, was the most widespread of all the designs. It was introduced to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of George V and as such was known as the ‘Jubilee’ kiosk. We decided to keep our telephone box cream so that it would look elegant and timeless in any setting, be it a stately home, hotel or a barn. 

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