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About Us

Making Dreams Come True

Hi, we are Daz & Em Parsons, and the idea for La Vie Boheme was born as a result of the Corona Virus lockdown in 2020, after we had to postpone our wedding. We were only 10 weeks away from our wedding date, and we had made and collected a huge amount of props, objects and vintage crockery for our Edwardian circus-inspired festival style wedding.

Postponing our wedding only gave us more time to collect and make more props and we really caught the bug for it. That's when we decided to share our props with other couples who could hire them and enjoy them for their weddings, once weddings could resume again. 

Why La Vie Boheme? La Vie Boheme (pronounced bo-em) means Bohemian Life and it is the name we had given to the newspaper we had made for our wedding guests. The name suits our values of creating whimsical memories born from nurturing artistic, musical and spiritual pursuits and experiences. Above all, we believe in truth, beauty, freedom and love. Our next adventure is just around the corner. 

We have, many times, been compared to Dick and  Angel from Escape To The Chateaux. Em has the red hair and vintage style whilst Daz has the beard and egineering brain.

So if like us, you love vintage, boho, rustic, fesitval, nature-inspired themes, and believe in sustainability and being kind to the planet, then you are in the right place.

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Daz & Em

Founders of La Vie Boheme

Imagination is everything. It is the preview to life's coming attractions.
- Albert Einstein

Daz is the musician, the writer, the maker. Equally passionate about designing original and upcycled creations out of wood, metal & clay as he is creating in the digital realm through graphic design, publishing and videography projects using industry-led software.


His favourite film - Bladerunner

His favourite destination - Florence, Italy

His favourite artist and inventor - Leonardo Da Vinci

Daz Parsons

Co-Founder & Creative Director

About-DazEm-Web 1.jpg

Turning dreams into a plan, and a plan into reality

Em is the visionary, the dancer and creative craftor with a planning mind. Ema already runs her own beauty studio and wedding hair and makeup company (check out As an experienced wedding supplier and qualified event planner, she is very comfortable advising, researching and sourcing the elements that help turn your dreams into reality.


Her favourite film - Moulin Rouge

Her favourite destination - Marrakesh, Morocco

Her favourite artistic style - Art Nouveau

Ema Parsons

Co-Founder & Creative Director

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