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Vintage Games Package

Why have Vintage Games at your wedding?

Here at La Vie Boheme we take pride in offering you our very own set of vintage styled games that we made and displayed at our own wedding in 2022. All the games are styled in a neutral, classic palette to complement any theme or venue style. Plus they were all made sustainably by using upcycled or natural materials - no plastic here!


There are a plethora of beautiful wedding venues in the Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex and Dorset areas that offer outdoor green spaces for wedding parties to continue their entertainment. This is a perfect opportunity to keep both kids and adults entertained with our vintage games package. We have seen our games being avidly played by guests of all ages, so our suggestion would be to up-the-ante, and create a leaderboard or score chart. Winners receive bragging rights or a gift of your choosing. Our chalkboards package is the perfect accompaniment for this purpose. 


Are you getting married at an indoor venue, or in autumn/ winter? Our games are just as impactful inside. All our throwing games have backdrops, so there’s no need to worry about damaging the walls. 

What is included in the Vintage Games Package?

We currently have 5 classic games included in our package, but we have plans to expand, so watch this space. We will deliver and collect the games package to your venue for you to use for the entire day and evening. 

  1. Lobbitt & Dropp Grocery Store - is a completely unique throwing game invented and made by us. The targets are vintage style ‘foods, sundries and groceries’, the images photographed from genuine vintage products. These products sit on the shelves just begging to be knocked down. The red labelled ‘Sale’ items are the targets. When the target is hit by the beanbag, it releases a door that rings a bell, reminiscent of the old shop doorbells. Points equal the monetary value of the food item. 

  2. Four In A Row - a firm favourite for kids and adults. Our Four In A Row has 2 height settings to encourage everyone to play.

  3. Coconut Shy - comes straight out of the vintage fairground. Wooden balls are thrown with the aim to knock the coconuts off their stand. A handy backdrop stops the balls from escaping the play area. 

  4. Quoits - another classic game that uses rope rings thrown to encircle upright pegs of differing values. 

  5. Tumbling Towers - this oversized game is based on the tabletop jenga version. Easy to play and is always a thrill when the wooden blocks come tumbling down. 


We provide the rulesets for the games with some possible alternatives in some cases. It’s up to you whether you use them. These games are fun to play even without rules. But if like us, you are as competitive as Monica from Friends then our chalkboard package is a cost effective way to set your own ground rules, simple instructions or go full-on tournament style!

Talking of which, we have our own version of the ultimate full-on tournament. This is called The Challenge of Elephant Green. Master four of the five games in a gruelling marathon to become crowned Champion of Elephant Green!


How much is the package?

This unique vintage games package is £350 to hire.

This includes all delivery and collection costs within 50 miles of  our base in Aldershot, Hampshire. It also includes all assembling and disassembling as well as game signage and instructions.

Please note: delivery charge will apply for distances outside of the 50 mile radius. Please ask us and we can give you an accurate quote.

View our map to see if your chosen venue qualifies for our free delivery and collection...  DELIVERY MAP 

DEPOSIT - A deposit of £100 is required to secure your booking. The remaining balance is then paid in two installments - the first, four months prior to the date of hire. The second, no later than 30 days prior to the date of hire.

How to book?

Get in touch with us here, the information we require is your wedding date and venue location. A deposit of £100 is required to secure your chosen date and the remaining balance is due one month prior to your wedding date.

Did you know?

During WWII, the nazi’s allowed prisoners of war to play games. The British Government was allowed to send them games to play, one of which was Monopoly. Inside the box, were concealed a few untypical Monopoly items; a silk map, real money hidden between the monopoly notes, metal files and compasses, all to aid the escape of the soldiers from their captors.

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