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Map Suitcases

Map suitcases are a particularly charming way to present, hold or display certain objects during your wedding or event. Your theme doesn't have to be travel but if you consider yourself explorers then this just might be what you need to personalise your event. You don't even need to open them, they work nicely stacked on the floor or table to dress up your event space. 

Package includes: 1 circular case, 1 large suitcase, 1 medium suitcase, 1 small suitcase.


Circular case - 19.5cm width x 22cm height.

Large suitcase - 38cm width x 26cm depth x 12.5cm height.

Medium suitcase - 35cm width x 23cm depth x 11cm height.

Small suitcase - 32cm width x 20cm depth x 10.5cm height. 


Did you know?

The map of the world we know of today is known as the mercator projection, and it has been used in classrooms and atlases for more than 500 years. Unfortunately it has its shortcomings. Europe and North America are larger than they actual size, and Greenland and Africa appear the same size when in reality Africa is fourteen times larger. 

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