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Vintage Bottles

Vintage bottles are a simple and effective prop for any table top. Display a collection with a decorative ribbon around the neck or functionally with a bud or sprig of flowers to convey a rustic cottagey look to your dinnertables. 

Our pro tip - display in a collection of odd numbers (it looks the most esthetically pleasing) in various heights. Our package of 12 will serve four tables, each with three bottles on display. Hire a second package if your event is larger. 

Package includes: 12 epothecary bottles of varying heights, shapes and sizes. As these bottles are genuinely vintage, the glass might look cloudy or they may contain a few small chips, we think this adds to their charm, but please be mindful to only use them for display purposes and not for drinks. 


Did you know?

An impossible bottle is a bottle containing an object that appears to not fit through the bottle's mouth. A ship in a bottle is the most common and traditional. Other objects include decks of cards, fruit, Rubicks Cube, scissors or matchboxes. 

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