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Ahh baskets... so much prettier to hold and display your treasured objects than a Tesco shopping bag (other supermarkets are available). We find there is always a reason to have a basket or two on hand. Our basket package gives you five baskets ranging from extra large to small for numerous items such as blankets, confetti packs, flip-flops, knapkins, order of service booklets... the list goes on. 

Our pro tip - place a basket in the mens and ladies bathrooms and fill with items like hairspray, plasters, deoderant, mints, sanitary items or some useful hangover cures. Your guests will appreciate you considering their comfort. 


Package includes: 1 extra large basket, 2 medium baskets, 2 small baskets



Extra large - 76cm wide x 49 cm depth x 32cm height.

Medium - 45cm wide x 33cm depth x 21cm height.

Small - 20cm wide x 20cm depth x 16cm height.             

We may substitute baskets subject to availability. 


Did you know?

Actor, writer and comedian Demitri Martin said this about fruit baskets, "I like fruit baskets, because it gives you the ability to mail someone a piece of fruit without appearing insane. Like, if someone just mailed you an apple, you'd be like, huh?, but if it's in a basket, you're like, nice!"

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