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Who doesn’t love a chalkboard?

You can convey so many details, instructions, messages, directions, sentiments and so much more when given a blank chalkboard. Our chalkboard package contains 5 different sized chalkboards and a chalkboard pen to cater for all your needs. Never used a chalkboard pen? Oh you will be so thrilled with the results, so much easier, cleaner and professional-looking than actual chalk!


Creatively speaking - practice your layout on paper first, or make a template. 

Hark! Here’s an idea - if you really have handwriting that would rival any good doctor, then we can do professional sign writing and calligraphy for you. Just ask us for more information when hiring your chalkboards package.


Package includes: 1 large double-sided A-frame chalkboard, 2 small hanging chalkboards and 1 white chalkboard pen. 



Large double-sided A-frame chalkboard - approximately A2 size.

Small hanging chalkboards - approximately A4 size.


Did you know?

Chalk is biodegradable. And according to a professor at the University of Cologne, Germany, humans are ‘predisposed to detest’ the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard.

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