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Drink Dispensers

Keep your guests sated throughout the day, and between visits to the bar, with these large glass vintage style drink dispensers.

They come as a pair so to give you options as to what refreshment you wish to serve. Alternatively, just fill them both with water and ice to keep your guests hydrated and cool during the festivities.

Comes with a vintage style natural wood riser base. The base has two hinged doors which open and act as two mini chalkboards which can be used to describe the contents of the dispensers or any other infromation you wish to relay.

Package includes:    2 large vintage style glass dispensers, 1 vintage style natural wood riser base. 

Capacity:   6 Litres each

Did you know?

The first liquid ever recorderd as being dispensed from a device was... holy water!

In ancient Egypt, an instrument was built to dispense holy water and prevent the church goers from stealing it. The mechanism that was used in these devices is similar to current vending machines. This instrument was designed by a Greek mathematician, Hero of Alexandria, and it is triggered by the weight of gold coin causing the vessel to tip and then pour the holy water out.

Although this great device cannot be seen today, there are still records of it in ancient texts.

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