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Shepherd Crooks

Shepherd crooks can be used for so many other things than shepherding or crooking!

Have them dotted around your venue or garden for lanterns, tea holders or for hanging directional signs. Place them in a line along pathways to illuminate the way with strings of fairy lights or festoon lighting. 


In our humble opinion - the shepherd crooks also work well with rope or ribbon for a makeshift cordon. Particularly useful at the end of the seating ailes, so guests can only enter and exit from one direction. 


Package includes: 10 black shepherd crooks to be used in soft ground like soil or grass.


Dimensions: 120cm total length  (crooks should be place in the ground by approximately 30cm for good stability)

Did you know?

In medicine, the term shepherd’s crook is used to describe a right coronary artery that follows an unusually high and winding route.

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