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Umbrellas / Parasols

The British weather is so unpredictable.

Do you dare leave it to chance and compromise your guests comfort? Luckily our brollies are multifunctional and act as parasols as well as umbrellas. We call them para-brollies, you could call them sun-brellas, either way we think they are essential to have on stand-by at your next event.


Package includes: 1 large white golf umbrella, 9 opaque white regular umbrellas. Comes in a tall handled dislpay basket.


Dimensions: Large golf umbrella - 105cm long x 133cm span. Regular umbrella - 72cm long x 89cm span. Basket - 68cm height x 49cm width.

Did you know?

In Victorian Britain, umbrellas were known as ‘gamps’ after the Charles Dickens character Mrs. Gamp from Martin Chuzzlewit, the character was well known for carrying an umbrella.

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