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Wooden Crates

The Swiss Army Knife of any event.

Crates are incredibly adaptable and can transform even awkward or dull spaces into areas of interest. Stack as many as needed on any side and in any configuration to create anything from towering floor displays to more subtle, but still impactful, table displays. As a stacked shelving you can house photographs, drinks glasses, bottles, plates, games or childrens activities. As a table display they make great surrounds or bases for card boxes, cake, guest books or flowers or any other props. Or use them scattered around your venue to hold blankets, flip flops, toiletries, pillows or order of service booklets.  


And, naturally, they can be used to carry all your gear to and from the venue. What a workhorse!


Package Includes: Eight crates


Dimensions: 50cm width x 40cm depth x 30cm height

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