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Blankets, known as blankies in our abode, have to be on your list of essential items needed at your next event.

Dare I mention the British weather again? She can be cruel, even a midsummer night can prove chillsome. Have a stack of warm cuddly blankets on stand-by for your next event and your guests will stay up all night and feel the warmth of your consideration for their comfort.

As default our blankets are displayed on two vintage blanket racks which are lightweight and unobtrusive. Alternatively, why not use the large basket from our basket package to display the blankets in and use one of the chalkboards from our chalkboards package to write a warming message to your guests.


Package includes: 10 warm, snuggly blankets in a selection of rich vintage colours and two ivory vintage blanket racks. 

Did you know?

What is the collective noun for blankets anyway? A swelter of blankets - fact!

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